Admission Rules


Standards of Admission and Registration


 *In order to be enrolled in the academy, the student has:

  • to take an aptitude test
  • to be interviewed.

*Documents required upon registration:

  1. Certificate of transfer certified by the Directorate of Education.
  2. School Report Card
  3. A copy of the birth certificate, including the ID number, certified by the Civil Affairs Department
  4. A certified copy of the family authentication document
  5. A certified copy of the vaccination card (kg2 and grade 1 students)
  6. A certified copy of the temporary passport of Gaza ( for those related) and approved accordingly by the Follow-up and Inspection Department

*Students coming from abroad must bring the following certified documents:

  1. A certified certificate from the country.
  2. The embassy they belong to outside Jordan.
  3. Foreign Affairs Department Jordan- Jabal Aman
  4. The Ministry of Education- Abdaly.

*General Provisions:

  • Registration fee is 300 JD for new students and is non-refundable upon transfer or dismissal.
  • Registration fee is 300 JD for already enrolled students, and it is part of the tuition fees, which are non-refundable or indivisible upon transfer or dismissal.
  • Discounts and scholarships granted do not include bus transfer, books or school uniform.
  • 170 JD are added for the graduation of 12th grade students (National and International Sections)
  • 70 JD are added for the graduation of kindergarten students.
  • Scholarships are granted starting from grade 7 students after which an aptitude test is attended.
  • Discounts for students who attained the highest mark in all sections starting from grade 7 are as follows:

     First                           Second

      50%                              30%

*International Section Tuition Fees for the year 2022/2023:

Class Fees






Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8


Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11


Grade 12




*National Section Tuition Fees for the year 2022/2023:

Class Fees






Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8


Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11

(Scientific Stream)


Grade 11

(Literary Stream)


Grade 12

(Scientific Stream)


Grade 12

(Literary Stream)



*The second sibling receives a 10% discount, the third 15%, and 20% for the fourth and fifth sibling. 


*Scholarships and Discounts:

-Scholarships for students who attain the highest mark on all sections and obtain an average of 90% and above in the academy, starting from 7th grade.

Note:  Scholarships granted in the final three grades are conditioned to the student staying in the academy until he/she completes grade 12, otherwise he is obliged to paying what has been accumulated in the past years.

-Orphans Discount 25%

-!00% discount for students who have successfully memorized the Holy Quran

-It is not permitted to combine two discounts ( priority is given to the higher)

-5% discount for Unions and Armed Forces.

-Transportation is not subject to any discount

 -5%discount when paying cash for the whole year

     *Students coming from other schools:

         -a 100% discount is granted to  students with an average of at least 98% (after sitting for a placement test) and this applies to the final three grades, and the scholarship is granted for each semester, under the condition that the student gets at least 98% in each.

– Aside from the above mentioned, any discount or scholarship is bound to a placement test:

First Second
50% 30%


-Every student who does not attain at least 93% in the first semester ( without omitting any subjects) forfeits the scholarship in the second semester.  In case of failing the exam of the Ministry of Education, he/she is obliged to pay all the fees for the entire academic year.

*Rewards and Incentives for Athletic Teams:

The student who attains one of the first three places in the competitions held by the Ministry of Education will be rewarded as follows:

Place Attained First Second Third
Discount 15% 10% 3%


*Standards of Admissions to the Academy

Students are registered  for the year 2022/2023 according to the following:

  •  Students are accepted in KG1 provided that they are 2018 births.
  • Students are promoted to KG2 provided that they are 2017 births.
  • Students are promoted to grade 1 provided that they are 2016 births.

*Transportation Fees and Zones:

Two-Way One -Way Area  



350 JD  

260 JD


Magnetic Circle


– Almansour Neighborhood

– Al Zaitouna neighborhood

– Al Karmel

– University Housing

– Yajouz(Military Housing)



550 JD 360 JD


Abu Nsair- Shafa Badran- Al Kom- AL Jubeiha- University Housing- Tab Kra’- Sweileh ( Eastern Neighborhood- Al Irsal- Al Bashaer Neighborhood)

Al Fadeelah Neighborhood- Engineer Housing- Behind Lina Group- Al Rawda- Al Rasheed- Sports City- Alia Queen Circle ( Al- Khazneh Neighborhood)





650 JD 470 JD


Prince Hasan Neighborhood-

Al Nuzha- Arjan- Tabarbour- Al Aqsa Neighborhood- Alistiqlal Neighborhood – AL Qusoor- Sweileh

( Al Kamaliyyah) Tla’ Al Ali- khalda- Gardens- Tabarbour

( Abu Alia-Alqartouia) – Jabal Al Hussein

( Dakhiliah Circle)-Shmeisani-Al –Rabia- Dabouq- Al Hashimi Al Shamaly- Ain Al Basha- Al Saro- Safout






710 JD  

520 JD


Al- Rusaifeh (Prince Faisal Hospital)

-Jabal Amman

– Um Al Summaq

-Um Uthainah

790 JD


550 JD


Marka Al Shamalia( Al Wananat-  Al Mazari’-Al Abdalat) – Al Jandaweel- Wadi Al Seir( Industry Traffic)

– Marj Al Hamam

– Al Yasmeen

– Abdoun

– Der Ghbar



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