1.  Show respect and commitment to the instructions of the Bus driver and, the tour attendant.
  2.  Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the bus, except for students with chronic diseases (such as diabetes) …
  3.  It is Not Allowed to talk to the bus driver while driving.
  4.  If assistance is needed, students are kindly requested to speak with the tour attendant only.
  5.  Keep your hands and head(s) inside at all times.
  6.  Do not throw waste inside or outside the bus, whether the bus is running or stopping.
  7.  Keeping the bus clean, is a MUST.
  8.  Moving or changing the place specified for the student while the bus is running is prohibited.
  9.  It is prohibited to carry out any verbal or physical bullying.
  10.  It is Not Allowed to scream, laugh or speak loudly which distracts the driver.




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