Retaal International Academy

Looking forward to aspire high quality education, inspiring educational
environment and effective societal involvement appealing






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Utilities and Services

Model classes equipped with smart boards,and hosts no more than 25 students
Special section for Educational Development
Broad Open Spaces and high-quality Grass Playgrounds
Workshops, Laboratories, Libraries, Art Studios & Praying Places
Medical Clinics Providing all sorts of Healthcare
Closed canteens subject to high health control

Letter of Chairman of The Board

Prof. Omar Shdaifat (Former Minister of Higher Education)

Education has been often one of the most important grounds that success depends on in all the various aspects of our life. Upon the nature of my job as a president of the Hashemite University, vice-president of Al-Albayt University, secretary-general and later on minister of Higher Education and with the educational experiences I have acquired by my field visits to universities and schools in several Arab, European and East Asian countries, I was highly concerned in establishing a well-structured institution to be of a future educational vision and one of the pillars of the academic progress in Jordan…

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